Science World

Poster Design


Known in part for their whimsical marketing campaigns, Science World is a long-standing science center in Vancouver, B.C. focused on science education.


November – December 2023



Tech Stack

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop



Science World has always been a place of wonder for people of all ages in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. This concept poster for bus shelters was created for a fictional exhibit on insects at the centre.

The goal of this poster was to engage passerbys through a surprising but pleasing visual — a fuzzy bee drinking a beer! While keeping Science World's branding in mind, both raster and vector elements were used to garner curiosity and cheerfulness from passerbys.

Both the main image and tagline work in tandem to elicit delight by exaggerating the difference between reality of the tagline and fictional concept of the image.

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