Mobile App Development


innersight is a mobile journalling app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people better understand their experiences and emotions.

The beta version of innersight is available for Android the Google Play Store or on TestFlight for iOS.


September – December 2023


Web Developer & Video Editor

Tech Stack

React Native - Expo

Google Firebase

Eden AI - Sentiment Analysis

Adobe Premiere Pro


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The key functionality of this app was the ability for journal entries to be analyzed by AI that extracts key words from the entry. After AI analysis, these key words and general sentiment analysis is displayed back to the client on the app.

The goal of developing this mobile app was to faithfully recreate the app prototype using React Native Expo framework, Google Firebase, and EdenAI Sentiment Analysis.

Journal Functionality

Journal Functionality

The AI used in innersight first executes a general sentiment analysis. Based on the text written by the client, the AI returns a summary of whether the excerpt was positive, negative, or neutral in sentiment.

Key words are then pulled from the journal entries and piped into the statistics page which shows an overview of the categories of emotions experienced by the client.

Based on this overview, recommended activities are provided to the client to improve their mental health.



Accessibility settings such as dark mode and scalable font size were through toggle button functionality. The journal client can select the different types of accessibility settings they want to use and the settings will apply throughout the entire app.

Promotional Video

Promotional Video

A promotional video was developed to help potential clients better understand innersight in a visual manner. Using story-based techniques, the video conveys a client, Amaya, gaining better insight into her mental health journey through the use of the app.

Colour filters, varying sound levels, and creative decisionmaking regarding types of shots cut together were used to ensure consistency between the main innersight app and the promotional video, and to create a smooth, consistent, and enjoyable presentation for the client.

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